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I look forward to welcoming students at all stages of their caking journey. Whether you are looking to Level up you cake skills or learn something new. I pride myself on being absolutely meticulous on the finish of my cakes and so its a natural progression to share my techniques and skills to help others on their merry way.Classes will be held in my little studio in Paisley, just outside of Glasgow, where I offer 1-2-1, 2-2-1 and small group classes.

The small class size ensures each student receives a comprehensive lesson and their fair share of good chat.

1-2-1 and 22-1 Classes

These will be held on agreeable dates throughout the year , please note these will most likely not be available in the height of wedding season due to volume of cakes on the go. These classes are tailored to your individual requirements. If you have a hit list of things you are looking to learn we can work together on getting you the perfect foundations to grow your cake skills.

You’ll have my undivided attention and I will happily share with you any tips and tricks that I have picked up on my journey.

Classes will run 10am and 4pm and a light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

1-2-1 classes are £275 and 2-2-1 £500

Perfect Foundations Class 

This class will take place over the course of 1 day in a group of 4 people in order to keep a high standard of teaching and to ensure you get the absolute most from your day ( plus I only have a wee cake room so I don’t want to cram folks in)

Here is just some of what you will learn:

    • How to fill, level and ganache your cake 
    • How to cover your cake in fondant
    • How to achieve a sharp edge finish with my personal techniques that I use with every wedding cake I make

All of this will give you the Perfect Foundations for all of your awesome cakes from now on. The class will be entirely practical and I will be guiding you through the process as you do it yourself, by demonstrating the techniques on my own cake first and then helping you as you do it on your cake. I will then demo how to use ganache plates also to give you a secondary technique to add to your collection.All the materials and ingredients will be provided (we’ll use 1 real cake supplied by Sweet Success) so you just need to bring yourself and a positive attitude. All the witty banter will be provided by me.

No refunds if you find me horrendously unfunny. I’ll also answer as many questions as I possibly can during the day about anything cake related (which is the main reason the group is being kept so small). I love a good chat and I’m fond of a wee sweary word but will do my upmost best to keep that to a minimum.

Next Class dates


Classes will run from 10am to approximately 6pm (Lunch not provided) depending on the level of experience within the group it may be earlier or may be later this we will need to wing it on the day. The Classes are £150 and will work on a first booked basis. I literally don’t have the room to add any more spaces in (like I said about, I want to keep the group small so that I can give you everything you need on the day to get the most out of the class) so if you are interested then please book in to avoid disappointment. Payment will be required before your place is booked. If you are keen to get your place secured please click the link below and fill out the wufoo form and ill be in touch asap with regards to securing the space. 

If you would like to be kept In the loop for all upcoming classes and update please subscribe to my mailing list below

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