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Price is really based on the final design of your cake.. The more elaborate the decoration, sugar works, sugar flowers etc the higher the price will go.

Starting prices

3 tiers £325

4 tiers £400

5 tiers £495

6 tiers £595 – dummy bottom

7 tier £695- dummy bottom and 6th tier


Delivery is £25 if within a 10 mile radius of Pa2 8hg – if outwith this there is is an additional £0.50 per mile charge round trip on top.

Prices are based on either lemon or vanilla sponge. If you go down the route of chocolates, red velvet, carrot there is a £5/10 surcharge per tier due to price ingredient differences.

Fruit is priced on an individual basis

Weddings for 2018/19 and beyond I can’t give firm prices for due to the fact that I have no idea how “Brexit” is going to affect our ingredient cost. I would allow for a 10/15% increase.

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